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We offer comprehensive training courses that draw upon our 30 years of experience, with the aim of providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to the participants. Our courses focus on brand education, product tastings, consumer engagement, and especially word of mouth brand marketing. With our deep understanding of the industry, you can rely on us to help you become a highly knowledgeable professional in the Spirits industry.


Bright House Brands is the ultimate solution for liquor trade know-how. Our experienced team offers comprehensive consulting services that can help you create and implement in-house training programs. With our valuable insights and guidance, we can design effective training materials tailored to your team’s needs and ensure success in the liquor trade industry.


Expand your palate and knowledge through our comprehensive tastings training programs. Our clients have the unique opportunity to explore the nuanced flavours and production processes associated with whisky, gin, tequila, vodka, cognac, and many more spirit categories. Let Bright House Brands equip you with the skills to appreciate and identify these flavour profiles for a more enjoyable drinking experience.

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